Zone Types - We have a wide variety of zones types from a Valley/Plains zone to a
Desert wasteland we will be releasing more videos on our zones so look forward to

Number of Zones - We hope to have a total of 8 zones.

Player Model - We are trying to break the mold on the "Humanoid" type player that
most ORPG go for in games we have gone with a Six Sphere model which has
turned out very interesting and very fun to play around with we hope players will enjoy
the fun aspect of this model.

Number of Races - 5

Race Types - Our race types resemble animals such as a Bird or even a Cat heck
even a Sloth! You can check out some of our race videos on our YouTube channel.

Item Types - 5 - We have looked at what some games have done with item types
and we think there should not be low quality items in a game aka "Trash" items
usually being the color gray or white so we have removed any "Trash" type items
from being added into ED by doing this it will be more rewarding for players when
they earn their loot.

Item Attribute Select System - In ED you will be able to pick the initial attributes on
your items example if you have five attributes to pick from health,damage,armor so
on and so on you can pick which one of those attributes will be on your equipment by
doing this it allows the player to have full reign over their equipment statistics.

Camera - In ED you will control a avatar in a third person view with the option of
zooming into first person perspective, you can rotate the camera using the mouse
and rotate your avatar by holding right click and move your avatar by using both left
and right click held down or by using W,A,S,D.

Movement - Walking,Crouch and Mounts are all planned for ED but not flying we feel
as if flight takes a lot away from a game.

Crafting/Professions - There will many types of crafting/professions in ED but it will
be on NPC/AI not on the player.

Questing - Yes there will be a form of questing in ED but it will not be the main focus
of the game.

Instances - Yes there will be instances in ED, they will be Single player goal oriented
but others may join if they would like help.

Raid Groups - Yes we hope to be able to add some sort of Raid Group feature in ED
allowing groups of 10,20 and maybe even 40 people to take out some baddies.

These are just some of the basic things we plan on adding into Exiled Dimensions
hopefully this answers some of the questions out there, We have been working on
this project for about 9 months we are a dedicated few making a game we think will
be very good. Eventually we will do a kick starter to raise some money for server
hosting and some software that will be needed in the future but until then thank you all
for reading our current status on Exiled Dimensions.

Thank you for reading ! - The KEI Team

Exiled Dimensions
Exiled Dimensions
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Hello everyone we have been getting some questions about what features will be added into Exiled Dimensions and what some of the game-play aspects
will be. We are glad there is a lot of interest around this project down below is a list of some of the features that are planned to go into
Exiled Dimensions hopefully everyone finds the content planned for Exiled Dimensions to be great, we try to do our best we are a small group
but we hope to make a fatastic game for everyone to enjoy!

Game Description - Exiled Dimensions or (ED) for short will be a MOAG (Multiplayer Online Adventure Game) it is a themed game and it is meant to look
different from the "Standard Online Game" we hope to break the mold of the old online games with new features and a different take of how playing a
ORPG could go. Here is a list of some of the features that we wil lbe adding into ED. (Note this is all in the alpha stages of game creationg everthing
is subject to change)
Attribute Selection System
Combat & Abilities
Dungeons & World Boss's
Player vs. Player
Attribute Selection System

A majority of MMOs all have the same type of item system
a item with a list of attributes that are useally randomly

In Exiled Dimensions players will decide what attributes
will go on their own equipment by clicking an attribute
slot and selecting wich attribute they would like (image example of the Attribute Selection System)
Ever feel like when you are playing an MMO that you are looking at your action bar 99% of the time?

Well that's probably because of the 30-50 abilities on the action bar in the average cookie cutter MMO . . .
In Exiled Dimensions you play 4 class's on one character you are able to rotate between each class and use multiple abilities

In each class stance their is 5 selectable abilities for the action bar each ability is a part of a category

Endurance Generation Attack, Endurance Cost Attack, Defense, Boon and Utility they are a total of 20 abilities for each class every time you level up you receive a skill point you will be able to spend a point on an ability of your choice.
Dungeons are always an interesting part of an MMO they can either be really challenging are required many people to accomplish or they can be really easy requiring little to no effort.

Inside Exiled Dimensions you will be able to do an entire Dungeon by yourself or you can bring up to 5 other buddies a total of 6 people in a group but the more people that enter a Dungeon the more challenging it becomes.

World Boss's If done correctly a World Boss can be one of the most amazing experiences in an MMO But what normally happens in a generic MMO is that the World Boss is boring very linear and the fight is to easy and to short.

In Exiled Dimensions World Boss's will be a big feature there will be 1-2 World Boss's in every zone and each
World Boss will have a unique and interesting encounter the more you participate and help in the encounter the more you will be rewarded
Player vs. Player or more commonly known as PvP is one of the most popular things to do when playing an MMO and I agree it is extremely fun to kill other players and it's even better when doing it with friends!
While playing Exiled Dimensions you will be able to earn Battle Points to gear up and own your enemies!

You will be able to enter Battle Zones and fight in a team vs. team environment each Battle Zone will have different sized teams 5 vs. 5, 10 vs. 10. some Battle Zones are 1 vs. 1 as well

While in Exiled Dimensions if you chose to kill a player you will earn Player Kills which will increase your PvP Rank
There is a total of 10 PvP Ranks each requiring a certain number of Player Kills to acquire the higher your PvP Rank is better equipment will be unlocked to purchase with Battle Points
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